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Why give?


Giving is an act of worship, done in response to the gift of redemption we have Christ Jesus. Giving of our time, energy, and resources allows us to join with what God is doing to Make Jesus Known in Prescott Valley. Giving is never meant to be done in order to earn God's love or favor, but should flow from our hearts as praise to God. 

Giving is also a means of grace to us. The Lord uses our giving to Him to shape and mold us in the process; we call that sanctification. By giving to the Lord, we are training our hearts to trust God with our lives and to be content with what He has provied. 

Giving glorifies the Lord, furthers the mission of Jesus in Prescott Valley, and transforms our hearts. 

Cash or Check

Give cash or checks by mail. Make checks payable to "Happy Valley Baptist Church" and write "Grace of Prescott Valley" in the memo line. 24220 N. 43rd Ave. Glendale, AZ 85310


Give securely online with a debit card, credit card, or ACH checking account deposit.

What does your giving support? 

When you give to Grace of Prescott Valley, your gifts go toward supporting the mission that God has called this church to join with Him to accomplish. Namely, you are helping to make Jesus known in Prescott Valley through the various ministries of GPV. 

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